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(PA) Place of Assembly - a Restaurant, Lounge, Night Club, Theater, etc..


PA Certificate of Operation is necessary when 200 or more people gather outside to consume food or drink, or for any other reason or social purposes, or whenever there are 75 or more members of the public gathered indoors. Applicant must fulfill Fire and Building Code requirements and schedule an inspection for the first issuance of a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation.  

Step by Step Place of Assembly building violation cure:


Coordinating a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation application that attests to compliance with Fire and Building Code requirements.


Schedule filing of a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation application. Coordinate all required documents and fees.


Submit all required documents.

Present your application for approval.

Coordinate appeal process

We can help You prepare and expedite a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation in timely manner, and simplify Your permitting process.


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This is not a Government Agency website.
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